Terms & Conditions

This website (cricketfantasyclub.com) is run by a company named CFC Sports Pvt. Ltd. which is established in Delhi, India. You must first agree to its terms and conditions fully to enter into fantasy cricket gaming through this website, and if by chance you do not agree with any of its terms and conditions then you must not use the website. 

The company at any point of time is not liable to the change in any of the terms and conditions. These can be revised at any time and you have no rights to claim any compensation regarding the same. These include terms of using a product that we offer and it is your responsibility to visit the site regularly to review its policies and keep yourself updated with it.

This kind of game is permitted in all other countries too where such kind of activities are legal. By agreeing to our policies you assure us that either you have the legal approvals for your region or your parents agree to your use of this site while accepting it on your behalf.

In case you enter inaccurate information or you try and use another person’s account, both of these might result into freezing accounts and forfeiting of your prizes. 

Playing the game
Just follow the rules and instruction and you are free to register to your account. One account per player is allowed and anybody caught with more than one account will be disqualified.
The teams that you make will be considered once you submit their names online and you receive a confirmation from us.

For gaming purposes, the computed records that we have of the users will be only considered for further entries. The whole and sole right of rejection of entries on the basis of incomplete or corrupt entries is ours. 

Any entry or name if considered inappropriate or offensive in any manner might be rejected by the company itself. The obscene, racist, abusive or pornographic content which might be highly objectionable or harassing is under the sole discretion of our company and can be refused at any point of time. 

The player list once finalized will not be changed and the details regarding the list will not be disclosed anyhow.  The scoring criteria will be on the basis of the current scores. The scores would need correction only if there are some loopholes in the initial reporting.

The company is highly responsible for the property rights of its users and all the materials and character stated on the site are under the copyrights of the company. We make sure that no information about anyone must not be reproduced in any manner without prior consent. 

Any information which we provide simply comply with the terms of gaming. This game is clearly not open to the promoters, associates or even the relatives and friends of the company employees.

For the case of prize distribution, the company might require additional identity proofs at times and the value of the prize will strictly be governed by the collecting cash section of the company under the heads of how to play.

The players are responsible for any taxes which might be due on the winnings and the winners will be notified within 7 days of winning regarding the prize. The list of the winners will be available on the site.

The winners might need to additionally complete a few legal documents within 28 days of winning. And any non-compliance, in this case, might result in disqualification. For instance id such as the age proof is asked then the prize shall not be dispatched by the company until the age proof is received and if it does not comply with the rules and regulations then the company has the rights to choose another winner. 

The receipts of the winners are clearly conditional upon the laws and rules without any limitations. Winners have to agree on the liabilities in connection with the prizes which are under the company.  The company payout twice in a week i.e., on Monday and Friday.

The prizes offered by the company are under the terms and conditions and the company reserves the right to substitute them with any other awards of greater value. And any of the users who accept the prize automatically agrees with the publicity that is involved with it. 

The email updates you receive are a part of your registration and any changes in the mail must be reported and reregister with the company on time to continue enjoying the services. 

The company has the rights to validate any email account and suspend them from the game in case of any invalidation. 

Obligations and limitation on liability 
The company reserves the rights to keep the site operational and error-free but does not guarantee the same because defects might arise due to a couple of other reasons too. Although the company takes full precautions to make the downloaded virus free but in the same way it is not solely responsible for virus free downloads which might affect your system. The company henceforth clearly excludes any damage or liability in any direct or indirect way connected with the use of the website which applies to all the aspects such as loss of profit, contract, data, incidental or punitive damage. 

System abuse
If found out by the company that any user or non-user is engaged in any kind of spamming, mail bombing, hacking or any such activity which might adversely affect the operation of the website then there will be strict actions taken by the relevant authorities.

Once you agree to this you keep indemnified the company and all other people related to it from any liability or loss that may be incurred due to another person’s negligence or your negligence. 

These terms and conditions are in compliance with the laws of Delhi, India and the company’s decision is final in case of any dispute. 

Any fees will be refunded if there is an abandonment of matches from the company’s side which is outlined in the how to play page. 

Termination of membership
Any forfeiting activity is observed might result in suspension of the users account for which the company reserves the rights. 

Termination of services
It is the whole and sole liability of the operator to change or remove any aspect of the site at any point of time. The company also holds the right to impose limits on the same. For the same, Company has the right to limit and allow users to continue operating the services until and unless they are not harmful to any business or to other users. If in any case you are not provided with operator's permission then you immediately discontinue your use and your information is destroyed from the site.

The company is not responsible for rescheduling of matches due to any reason out of their control.

If there is any unlawful activity regarding the Terms of use then these provisions shall be deemed immediately without affecting the validity of others.
There is no official commercial relation with any of the teams of Champions trophy, IPL, Champions league etc. or any cricketing board and so any usage of their names is purely to describe the content of the game only.

General Conditions
The relatives and friends of employees, affiliates of the company are not eligible to register with the site. The cancellation regarding any of the contest which requires any governmental or statutory permissions which might be prohibited later are under the liability of the company and the users may not be able to claim any such withdrawals. 

Dispute resolutions
The courts at Delhi shall have all the rights to determine any case under any dispute arising under the amusement facilities of the site, enforceability of rules or any preliminary disputes. All these issues shall be governed under the law of the Republic of India.

In case any legal dispute arises between two parties there shall be a written notification written and the parties must first try to resolve them within themselves. In case the parties are unable to resolve the issues themselves these a 15 days notification receipt is issued to settle the dispute. 

The place to resolve dispute shall be Delhi, India where the proceedings must continue in English under the Arbitration and conciliation act,1996 with approved amendments. 

These arbitration fees must be shared between the parties or they must bear their own cost if the case demands. The arbitrator shall pass orders which are enforceable by the courts which must be reasonable enough.

There is nothing stated in the terms and condition section that can prevent the site from seeking relief funds during filing of any arbitration proceedings. 

Under some permitted laws, the company or any member of the company is not responsible for any kinds of failure related to the delivery of information or products.

Under permitted extents, the site is also not responsible for any harm resulting to the computers from downloading any information from the site. The company disclaims any responsibility for the refund as a result for inaccessibility caused by server problems. The content is on “as is, as available” basis and so there is no warranty attached to it.

The material downloaded or obtained through the website is done with users approval and the risk involved is the sole responsibility of the user.

 In case there is an error in the transfer of winning amounts then the company is responsible for the payment amount and considerable deduction thereafter involved. Cricket Fantasy Club reserves the rights to inform the users about such discretions.

Under any case and permitted laws neither the site nor anyone associated with it is responsible for any damage or inability caused due to its usage. 

Any amusement facility or contest that needs special permissions from authorities including state and central board and if the permission is denied then such events must be cancelled & under such conditions, the users have no rights to claim or demand anything